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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Settling In

Well, as you can see I have internet. I'm posting four blogs in one day, two from the end of September and one from the first of the month. I've been writing them in Word, and then saving them to a flash drive in case I got near a computer to post. Well, a week went by and that never happened. But that's ok, more for you to read. Hopefully no one thought I gave up on blogging! One thing is for certain though, Kivshovata yields a lot more potatoes than it does e-mails.

Today my cluster (Evan, Laura, Asia, Lena - our language teacher, and I) went to Trarasha, a neighboring town about 20 minutes bus ride. Another cluster, our link group, is living and studying there. We do Saturday training days with them, as well as random information sessions. Today was health day, and we talked about safety precautions and health risks, watched some videos etc. After, however, my cluster had some time in the CITY before we caught the bus back! It's much more of a town, but we felt like we were kids in a candy store! Our village of 2,000 has 3 stores and a cafe, the school and the church...aaand that's about it. So going to a town with paved roads with street names was a little overwhelming, but definitely a thrill a minute. Trarasha does have multiple cell phone and electronic stores, so we were able to purchases the phones we'd been strongly recommended to buy, but reluctantly resisting. There was something nice about not having a phone in my pocket for 10 days. I bought a little internet card too, an investment for my two years here. It wasn't expensive at all, but it requires phone service to work...which means in Kivshovata it's spotty. But that's ok, if I sit in my living room, with my legs not crossed, I can get it for about 15 minutes at a time. I'm praying for patience, but also asking you stay patient with me as e-mails might not get returned the quickest.

Even though we're in a small town, life for a PCV moves very quickly. I have 4-5 hours of language class a day, mixed in with technical training for teaching English, lesson observations at the school, and next week...teaching! The school is fantastic, so I'm nothing but excited to get into the classroom. My walk to Lena's is the farthest, maybe 25-30 minutes (Side note: Lena is my language teacher. native Ukrainian, early 20's, linguistics major, just graduated University like me, but with her Masters, an awesome hip-hop dancer, and so funny and patient with us silly American's trying to learn Ukrainian) but I love my walk. It is cold, yes, but it gives me time to be by myself. I bounce from school to class to craziness of communicating with Mama Lessa, that my walks are cherished times to be alone. Soon the snow will come, and the temperatures will dip below 0, and I'm sure I'll wish my commute were shorter, but I still think having the time to myself is ideal in the wonderful whirlwind of training.

Excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow evening, I think Mama Lessa will be showing me the washing machine and how it works (i.e. me, two buckets, and the clothes line). I need to figure out how to ask if they're going to freeze when I leave them out overnight! Hope all is well with you too.

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