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Friday, May 27, 2011

American Football and Bees

An exciting week here at Kolky Lyceum, mainly because it has been the last one of the year. Grades were due at the beginning of the week, so kids have been going crazy to do something other than classwork. I decided that I will play some American games with them, as long as I can "teach" about it first, and then play. Well it just so happens that one of my 9th Form All-Stars (they are my favorite class), Roma, has an American Football. Why does he have it? Because he bought it when he heard an American was going to teach at his school, and also so when he moves to America he will know how to play. Did I say he was an All-Star?

So with a little bit of an American Football lesson, and a lot of eager students ready to play, we took the field on Tuesday - ready for anything! Now the kids did a great job, but unfortunately for me, I taught them Ultimate Frisbee two weeks ago and they thought that the two games were essentially the same thing. Imagine a football game that doesn't really stop, has no downs, and the ball keeps changing sides depending on who picks up the incomplete pass or steals it out of the other teams hands. Oh bosha. After a lot of explaining and taking it slow, the students now know the rules and play pretty well. We took to the field yesterday during English Club and played a great game of co-ed two hand touch. When it's just boys, it's an all out knock-down brawl...just like they see on TV.

And if Football wasn't enough to make this already exciting week awesome, I have been gifted a...box of bees! WHAT?! There are a bunch of bees next to the student hostel where I live, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out whose they were. Well, apparently they are the lady that lives down the road and she came to the football game and called a timeout to tell me that one of them is mine. SCORE! I always had a subconscious desire for a box of bees, but haven't yet expressed that to anybody. I'm going to get more details once summer starts, but I think a lucrative honey business is on the way. For now, I just have to avoid my well during the day time, because they swarm me every time I get too close!

The Last Bell ceremony is today, and tomorrow is the School Leavers ceremony (Graduation). I'm really excited for these events and all they hype around school makes it all the more mysterious. I even got a coveted invitation to the after parties which not just everyone gets. Go Mr. Benjamin! Have a great weekend and I will be sure to post pictures of the festivities sometime soon!

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