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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello! We are Looking for Talent!

"Алло, Ми шукаємо таланти!" is the Annual Talent Show at my lyceum. Now that I understand the language a bit better and have connected with more of the students, these concerts have become much more interesting. My students often talk about their hobbies in class so it's great to see them in action. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Ukrainian students love to perform.

Enjoy the photos below!

Some of my 6th Formers

6th Formers

Sophia getting it done on the violin

Volva, the Class Leader of the 6th Form

Liza, the Rockstar, singing an English song!

The Kolky Male Ensemble

Traditional Ukrainian "Hopak"

Yura on the trumpet

8th Form Girls

Nastia and Masha doing a funny skit

A sort of Abbott and Costello bit from two 11th Formers

The "Performance Club" takes the stage

The full ensemble

Enter Stas, Vitya, and Pavlo

Pavlo and Liza

Not part of the talent show, but last Thursday we had our Annual Cossack competition. Boys from the 9th, 10th, and 11th Forms formed teams to take part in an evening full of different events.

9th Form Boys reading their pledge

Teams from the 10th (L) and 11th (R) Forms

The 9th and 10th Forms

Roma (L) trying not to crack up as Kola and Kola read their team pledge

Run with volleyballs in between your knees

Roma from the 11th Form shooting the target!

Pull-up time!

Vitya assembling and disassembling a gun

Kola assembling the gun

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