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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kolky Lyceum's English Week 2012

In Ukrainian schools, it seems that every subject has their "week" in the spotlight. Well two weeks ago, it was English Week in Kolky and the festivities were grand! 

Our English Week Plan

The theme, as you can see from the photo above was "Growing up in Democracy" which was decided upon by the English teachers because our Regional Administration wanted all English Weeks to be focused on Democratic Principles. I'm not sure why there is such a push for democracy in schools, but I'm excited we are addressing it. 

My school held an Operation Respect Training a month ago for teachers of my school, and also for teachers from neighboring villages, so they wanted to incorporate that into English Week as well. Each day was a different idea of "respect" :

Monday - Respecting Ourselves
Tuesday - Respecting Others
Wednesday - Respecting Our School
Thursday - Respecting Ukraine
Friday - Respeing the World

We had English radio programs throughout the school on the PA system during all the breaks talking what each day meant and what they meant to students.

Some highlights and my personal favorite activities throughout the week:

Operation Respect lesson were done throughout the school Tuesday. Every class did the training from a teacher who was trained at the original session. These are interactive lessons that talk about identity, diversity, teamwork, and of course what it means to be respectful. I got to do the lesson with my 10-b Class (my homeroom students) and in English...because they are awesome like that.

Petro, Vitaly, Kola, Misha, and Ivan drawing their "Feeling Being"

Sophie, Kate, Nick, Lena and Nada with their "Feeling Being"

Working hard

Lilia and Tanya presenting their poster

Some of the girls with their "Put-Up" Posters

Their was also an art contest with the theme "Growing Up in Democracy" so we showcased the students work in the front hallway of school

Of course their had to be a concert -- two concerts actually. One was on Wednesday, aptly entitled "Our School is a Democratic Republic". We invited students who were new to our school to attend, as well as our Regional Administration and our Lyceum Administration and teachers. On Friday, we had a "World Songs" concert. Students sang songs in English, Polish, Ukrainian, German and French! WOW! Here are a few pictures from both concerts!

And on Friday, students put together showcase tables of the USA and England to go along with the theme of Respecting Our World. I helped my 10-b class put together the United States table! I also DJed the breaks between classes of English Music and gave the same Music from the USA Lesson 7 times to 12 different classes! It was a busy day, but a fun one! 

DJing with Svetlana

The 11th Formers with their UK Table

Sophie, Kate, Roma and Dima with the USA table!

Peace Corps 2nd Goal

You might have also noticed a blurb on the first program that we even continued English Week on Saturday! You saw correctly, but that's the next post about one of my favorites days in Ukraine. (I seem to have a lot of those...a good problem I guess.)

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