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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Reign has Ended!

I'm recently back in Kolky from an awesome weekend in Kyiv where I had a Volunteer Advisory Council meeting on Friday. It was a productive meeting, and my last as President of the VAC (one year term limit) but during my extended time here in Ukraine I'll still be representing the other PCV's that have chosen to extend. I'm excited for the little bit of extra free time that goes with giving the position away and still excited that I'll be serving on VAC. In other "Extending News", I'm going to Moldova to get re-register my Visa. That will be at the end October, so I'll blog about that next month!

While I have internet momentarily, I'll upload some photos from the past month or so.
They include: The 2nd Annual Potato Harvest! Of course these photos were taken about a month or so ago when I could get away with wearing t-shirt and shorts at 4 in the afternoon. The sun is setting a lot earlier these days, but as of yesterday, I have heat in my apartment, so life is good!

Doing what we do best!

Carrying the buckets into the shed

About twice of what we had last year!

What's a potato harvest without celebrating afterwards?

Not very often do you get to eat sunflower seeds right from the flower itself!

Teachers Day - I was given an award by my regional Administration for "Commitment to Excellence in the Classroom, Promoting Modern Methods of Teaching, and Leading Workshops and Seminars for Teachers of the Oblast". Other teachers were awarded for various accolades and accomplishments!
The teachers  and Administrators from Kolky Lyceum who went to the Regional Award Ceremony/Concert

Some of my "loot" after a fantastic and eventful teachers day celebrationUnfortunately this doesn't include the cake my class gave me!

"How sweet it is to be loved by you!"Thanks again for the LOVE via my care package :)

Kolky's Bus Station got a paint job!
(I wonder how "Slovyanka" feels next door?!")

Plans for the future include Kolky Lyceum's English Olympiad on Thursday and Monday's English Club celebration of "Halloween". I'm going attempt to supervise 10-13 year old's carving pumpkins for the first time. Wish.me.luck. 

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