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Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Home and Family"

A few weeks back, a reporter friend of mine, who had written a story on me a while back, asked me for 5-8 family recipes for a magazine his newspaper publishes. "Home and Family" published 3 of the 'dessert' recipes the other day! I haven't found a hard copy yet, but I found the article online! 

The photo, I'll admit, is quite misleading because I certainly did not make that cake - but rather was gifted it from my school and Tanya, our head cook on my 24th Birthday in March.

I've translated the short text below, and then it's followed by Bread Pudding, Banana Bread, and Apple Crumble recipes shared from me and my family! Смачного

Taste Banana Bread from Colorado

"A Volunteer from Colorado, Benjamin Hogue, has been living in Kolky for two years. During this time, the American has not only loved Ukrainian food, but also learned to cook. (Side note: I didn't learn in Kolky, but rather the necessity has been heightened and enthusiasm honed.) And besides borsch and varenyky, 'the guy' enjoys food which he loved at home. Ben has shared with 'Domovychk' recipes, that his family makes overseas."

This article has been shared with permission from the author, and my friend, Андрій Соколовський (Andriy Sokolovsky) 

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  1. Benjamin! Nice to meet you, and I'm glad to have found your blog!
    I'm Ariel, from Argentina. I've read that you have been living in Kolky, Ukraine as a peace corp, right?
    I'd like to make you some questions about there, as it's my ancestors place of living.

    Contact me if you want! Thanks so much!! Stay well!