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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Address!

So, here it is...my address! Know that my "new apartment" will be done in a few months, so please don't get too attached to this one, but I knew I needed to post it because people have been asking. I have no clue when I'll move, but when I hear something about my permanent address, I'll be sure to post it.

Please don't let the Cyrillic letters scare you. Copy and pasting it and making a label works really well...just ask my Mom and Dad! Or try out your penmanship! Either way, I would LOVE post, and promise to reply. (I've been saving money to send postcards I bought way too long ago!)

Бeнджaмін Гoґ
Вул. Гpyшeвcькoгo, 41 Кв. 4
C. Кoлки
Р. Maнeвичi
Oбл. Boлинcькa

(English Address only if customs needs it for forms)
Benjamin Hogue
41 Hrushevshy St, Apartment 4,
Kolky, Ukraine (Oblast/Region if needed)
Oblast (State): Volynska, Region (County): Manevechi


  1. Ben,

    How do you make out writing Cyrillic?


  2. I am actually pretty good, but I don't quite have the lower case letters down yet. Example: a lowercase "T" looks like our "m" which can be confusing. In training, we read and wrote text that was in Cyrillic CAPS, so that's how I write but soon enough I'll have shorthand down!

  3. Great! Thank you.
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