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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kolky Lyceum's Day of Health (aka Forest Chaos Day)

From the photos (and captions) below, you will see what last Friday looked like for the students and teachers of Kolky Lyceum. A crazy day of many students being let loose in the forest, with some friendly class vs. class events and competitions mixed in. I had no idea what was going on the whole time, but such is life in Ukraine. Definitely a fun day had by all!

Check out the photos below! (Click on any of them any they will pop-up much bigger!)

Also, a Myxa update: Myxa (Moo-ha) is the puppy the school cooks adopted about 3 weeks ago and let me take care of. Well, a huge school yard isn't the most ideal place for a curious and little puppy, so she has found a new home thanks to a caring family. One of our Primary School parents asked if they could have her for their daughters first puppy, and we happily obliged. She will get lots of playing time with this young family I'm sure. They even promised to bring her to school sometimes to play!

Walking to the forest!

Walking through the next village over

See ya later!

The Medical Kit...in case anyone got hurt...

With my counterparts!

The 5th Formers competing in a sprint!

Bohdan, from my 6B class...winning!

Some kids fooling around with the tug-of-war rope.
(Notice the right end of the rope...tied to a tree)

Nastia from the 6B class

Vova's turn!

Then the long jump

Final competition...Tug-of-War
Class vs. Class (This is 5A v. 5B)

My 6B Class. They were happy because they were winning!

My favorites...the 10B Form, who also won!

Sashlik or Ukr. BBQ with teachers!
A delicious (and well deserved) after Chaos Day treat.

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