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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catching You Up

A big hello from foggy and drizzly Kolky

So sorry for the hiatus. Gray skies have made for not the best internet, but it doesn't stop my camera from taking plenty of pictures! Check out the following from the past month or so!

The Day of Vyshyvanka - Kolky Lyceum celebrated this very nationalistic and traditional Ukrainian holiday in style. We welcomed many of the regional Ukrainian Literature and Language teachers for a seminar and showcase of our school. Majoirty of students and all teachers (including me!) wore our Vyshyvankas to school.

The 6th Grade Ensemble welcoming guests to the Day of Vyshyvanka

A vyshyvanka is a shirt that contains traditional Ukrainian embroidery. Embroidery is a big part of Ukrainian culture and history, dating back to the origins of the cossacks. Usually each Oblast (State) has their own vyshyvanka colors, but the national colors for a vyshyvanka are red and black. The red symbolizes the love Ukrainians have for their country, the black representing the sorrow of their past. My vyshyvanka is my favorite and most cherished tangible gift that I've received in Ukraine.

With two of my counterparts in my very own vyshyvanka!

Students from the 9th Grade presenting their crafts

Nadiya and Sveta

The student's work. Some of those are beaded pieces of jewelry, other are embroidered cloth.

Vika presenting at her table

The Kolky Museum (one display room) happens to be in my Lyceum as well. Guests were invited to take a tour of it, learning more about the history of my village, the revolution that made it famous, and some of the movers and shakers since the year 800.

Some of Kolky's founding fathers...or better yet, henchmen.

I have a page in the school's scrapbook!

No celebration would be complete without a concert!

Teachers and students put on a short, humorous skit about a wedding

Singing some traditional songs.

I also had many trips to Kyiv for different reasons (actually 4 weekends in a row) and stumbled on an English speaking Lutheran Church...of the German persuasion! Interestingly enough, it can be found in the middle of Kyiv, next to the center of the capital, on "Lutheran" Street! 

I knew I was close when I found #13, Lutheran Street!

The church service and the people we met were so wonderful and welcoming. It even smelled like a Lutheran Church! It was so nice to worship in English with some of the same liturgy, prayers, and hymns that are so very familiar to me. I'm so happy to have found a place of worship for when I am in Kyiv. I think I told someone that I'd be a "regular on an irregular basis" -- whatever that mean.

The beautiful Lutheran church in the center of Kyiv.
Quite different from what I the orthodox ones!

I also made a trip back to my training community, Kivshovata! What a wonderful stay I had with Evan and Asia, my best buds/clutermates from Pre-Service Training.

The village where my Ukrainian self grew up

Kivsho lovin'

Some of the beautiful Autumn colours.

Asia and I got our hands dirty and helped her host Mom in her back field clear some of the weeds and dead shrubs! Quite the experience, I'd say.

First time using a long-handled sickle....only in the former USSR I guess...

Doing quite well!

Visiting Evan's host Mom for some wine, homemade vodka, and dessert.

Me with Evan and Asia

Now I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving. Although Peace Corps gives us the day off on Thursday, I'm going to still teach and celebrate at school. Then on Saturday, I will travel to my friend Val's place about 45 minutes away for a big feast. I think there will be 17 of us (whoa) for dinner, so I'm excited to celebrate with my PC Family.

Lastly, these are a few of my best friends in Ukraine. Not sure why the girls wanted to do a family photoshoot, (must be the holiday season) but I really like them.

From L to R: Grace, Ben, Egle, Jon, Val

Better known as IceV, JK, Weez, BBug, and E$ (L to R)
Adorable or cheesy? Not quite sure which...

Can't wait to show off more fun photos of how I celebrated Thanksgiving both at school and with my PC Family!

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