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Friday, July 13, 2012

Camp ACT!

The amazing Camp ACT Staff!
One of the biggest and most rewarding projects that I've had the opportunity work on while in Ukraine has got to be Camp ACT! 

I've mentioned it a few times, but didn't really explain it in detail. I'll do a little explaining right now, and then let the photos below speak for themselves. 

ACT Stands for Action, Creativity, and Teamwork. Camp was for students in the 8th - 11th Forms to "Take Action in their communities, Creatively, using Teamwork". 

The week was centered around different regional themes (North and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia) and Superheros from each of those regions. Campers learned about issues facing each region each day in their Multiculturalism Lesson. Examples include: Environmentalism and Deforestation in Africa, Micro Finance in Asia, Middle East and Democratic Reform, Saving Traditions of Indigenous Cultures in Latin America, etc. They also learned about amazing heroes solving those problems and the qualities that each hero has. They were encouraged to embrace those qualities and solve issues in their own communities.

In Action lessons, students learned how to take Action. Each day, teams rotated learning about a different way to create community action - through Flash-mobs, Street Art, Protest Music, Journalism, Fundraising, and PSAs. My favorite time each day was watching the teams present the results from their Action lessons - whether it was an interesting PSA about racism, a flash-mob about keeping cultural traditions alive, or even raising money for a cause by selling cookies! 

Creativity lessons were by interest and it was a fun way for the Campers to choose their creative outlet for the day - but it was also fun for Staff to teach about their own passions, interesting and show their creativity sides! Creativity lessons included, but certainly weren't limited to: Graffiti, Latin Dancing and Line Dancing, Photography, Impressionist and Abstract Art, Storytelling, The Art of a Poem, Found Writing, and on and on! 

Teamwork brought out everybody's competitive side and team spirit. The teams competed throughout the week in American Football, Ultimate Frisbee, European Football, Dodgeball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, Rugby, etc.

The week also included team competitions at Pow Wows (All-Camp Time), relaxing times at the lake, singing, dancing, tie dying, games, etc. 

I can't say enough great things about the incredible staff of 25 Ukrainian and PCVs that worked together to make this week so wonderful for the 74 Campers. My Director Team worked hard too and the week could not have been better! 

Check out the many photos below. Sadly, in the shuffle of everything, I lost my camera - but it was important to share these photos so staff all swapped! Some of these are mine from when I still had my camera, others are from some of my friends. Thanks to them for letting me share them!
Staff Meeting before the Campers Arrive

Goal Setting - "That's Awesome!"

The Do's and Don'ts of discipline!

Impressionist Art with Grace!

American Football

Atlee (C) in the huddle with Nick (L) and Roma (R)

Laura showing off some of her cheerleader moves

The Red Team creating ACTION through Fundraising!

Lake time - always a hit

Sara getting her Wiffleball on!

The Orange Team presenting their PSA about helping others

One INSANE, but amazing schedule!

Yellow Team - Represent!

The Director Team traveling "Around the World" to introduce Camp ACT!

"They'll call me freedom, just like a waving flag"

First time eating a S'more
If that's not sure joy, I'm not sure what is!

Tie Dye Queen Ice-V!!!

Lucha Libre Boot Camp during Latin America day!

Celebrating their Lucha Libre win!

4th of July Fireworks while listening to the "Star Spangled Banner"

Independence Day Carnival!!!

North America pageant finalists!
(I wonder who won!? Most spirited and it was that country's birthday!?)

Practicing our Staff Dance!

S'more patrol!

Silly Ukrainians need Sm'ore instructions!

Lake + Camp Songs = Amazing

ACTION Lesson of "Protest Songs"

Atlee showing off the ever important Camp Rules!

If they are going to sing you into dinner, why not dance!?

Presenting their Reform "Street Art" Idea

Each Room was designated with a different International Hero from around the world
Some of my favorite times of Camp were saying, "Meet me in the Hillary Clinton Room!"

The Gandhi Room

Creating some protest music

Grace and I may, or may have procured a shopping cart!

The Director Team with Lady Liberty welcoming us to Independence Tavern!

More Sparklers and freedom singing!

Who wouldn't want to throw sponges in a Staff Members face?

The Red and Green Team showing Sportsmanship after American Football!

Presenting their Newspaper from the ACTION Lesson on Journalism

The Purple Team finishing Friday's Final Team Relay in style!

Orange Team hurrying through the relay!

Blindfolded Madness during the Final Team Relay!

Camp ACT 2012!!!

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