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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Ukrainian Wedding

I crossed another thing off my "Ukraine Bucket List" on Sunday - "Go to a Ukrainian Wedding. 

There are lots of photos, so I made a public Facebook album. Click here! (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.626658140453.2067230.55201901&type=1&l=1cb8f5cfa7)

One of my Counterparts, Natalia Vasylivna (my Aunt in Kolky) invited me because her neice, Natalia was getting married. I had met Natalia a few times before, she toured me around L'viv once, and we've seen each other when she's visited Kolky. She wanted me to come to her wedding because she thought it would be interesting for me, but she was afraid I'd say no! Of course, I immediately said yes and made plans to head down to the Oblast just South.

The wedding was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't have had a better time. We started around 2 p.m. (actually around 7 when our minibus picked us up in Kolky) and the Wedding ended around 4 a.m. - I fell asleep in the bus when the breakfast party started and woke up just in time to be dropped off in L'viv to do some running around!

I stepped in for a Cousin to walked Natalia to be greeted by her Groom, Volodymy, so I quickly was being introduced by her and Natalia Vasylivna as the American Cousin! "He flew all the way to be here for this wedding!" We actually convinced a few people, and my Ukrainian passed the test! That was a lot of fun.

Other highlights included playing the drum as we walked up to the house, stealing some farmers wheat off the side of the road and then braiding it in the car, dancing, dancing, dancing, toasts, toasts, toasts, and meeting lots of new "family"! Check out the photos on FB for a little more clarity!

I'm in Kyiv at the moment waiting for my flight to Istanbul! Yep - I'm headed to Turkey for a week and then a few days after I return, MY PARENTS ARRIVE! Summer in Ukraine really doesn't get much better!

Goats in my yard!

Finally, apples in my tree!

The River Styr

Walking home from the river!

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