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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Hogue Parents Visit Kolky!

What a better way to end Summer, then by having your Parents come to visit and exploring Eastern Europe together.

I picked up my parents on the 1st of August at the train station in L'viv, where we spent some time taking tours, climbing giant castle hills, and catching-up over some Ukrainian food! Then, we headed North to the great State of Volyn and to my village Kolky! 

Everybody was excited and anxiously awaiting my parents arrival. My Counterparts and administration went above and beyond hosting us, showing my parents what true Ukrainian hospitality looks like. From the photos below, you can see that they got to see my school, classrooms, meet many of the administrators and teachers and even students! They were full beyond measure at every meal (just ask them!), which was hosted by someone here in Kolky. We even went to spend some time next to the river, having fresh fish soup and BBQ! 

These photos below are from my Counterpart, and he has more from our final dinner - look back soon for more. Also, I'll be blogging about our trip around L'viv, Varna (Bulgaria), Budapest, and Krakow. I also need to blog about my trip to Turkey!!! 

School starts in two weeks so I'm making the most with my downtime. I'm super excited to get back in the classroom though - starting another chapter to this journey! 

Meeting my Assistant Director!

Telling stories in the Directors Office

My Director, and Assistant Director

Meeting Natalia Vasilivna, one of my Counterparts and Asst. Director

Another Counterpart/English Teacher colleague, Anastasia Serhivna, joins the fun!

My Counterpart, Volodymyr Mykolyovitch, was the photographer

Other teachers!

Showing my parents around school

In the Library!

And checking out the museum

With some of the best students!

In the Teachers Room!

Student-Made gifts

Lots of photos of the three of us!


In front of school

At the river fishing!

...and cooking! Mom was the expert potato peeler!

Fish Soup - tastes about how it looks!
(Hint: You know it's ready when the fish eyes turn white)

With my Counterparts son, Sasha

Dad and Sasha fishing

No luck - but lots of fun trying

All were impressed with Dad's casting skills

Next to the River Styr
The Final Dinner Crew - AND Val came in to meet my parents!

So great!


The final toast to my family all around the table

The Surprise!

My site loves making cakes

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