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Monday, April 29, 2013

Days of American Culture at Kolky Lyceum

It's pretty late right now in Kolky, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking. My school had "Days of American Culture" a few weeks ago, and we went all out! 

The halls were decked with photos and facts about the USA. Idioms for students to take note of were displayed, as was the "American Culture Table" (photo below) which is pretty much just a bunch of Mr. Benjamin's things/clothes on a table. 

My 11th Formers really wanted to throw an "American Party" so I let them, under the condition that we do Project Development and Management with it. So, for a few weeks before, we worked on planning a project, going through the steps, setting goals, creating a timeline, delegating responsibilities, etc. It was so awesome for them to take ownership of this project and put it into action. From the photos below, you can certainly tell that it was a blast. Activities included Pepsi Pong, Flip Cup, Uno, Twister, the Linbo, some awesome dancing to American music, and a lot of socializing with some other PCVs that came for the weekend! 

My shipment from "Books for Peace" came just in time!!!

Students who received English awards this year (Forms 5-8) 

One of my favorite photos EVER! 

The main organizers, my "Almost Amerikankas" Sophie (L) and Kate (R)

My parents brought that shirt to my Kolky Sidekick, Roma

Wrapped up in Old Glory!

As if the American Party wasn't fun enough, Saturday was a W.E.L.L. or Workshop in English Langauge and Leadership. 9 other Volunteers came to Kolky to put on this Workshop at my school for my students, along with students from other schools in the surrounding area. We had 35 students come spend their Saturday developing their leadership and English skills! 

Everybody loves certificates!

Then my Counterpart, Volodymyr, wanted to have a photo session with us Volunteers, so we tried to be as 90's sitcom as possible. Here are some of my favorites! 

Going out with a BANG! 

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