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Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Awakening

With my 4th Form Class

I knew that Spring was going to be bittersweet. As much as I absolutely loved seeing Winter finally leave (in April, no less...), I knew that Spring would bring a lot of renewal, green, heat, but certainly more and more 'lasts'. This week is the last week of school -- how did that happen??? Grades were due last week, honors award ceremony was yesterday afternoon, and Last Bell ceremony will be on Friday. Whoa. 

With time winding by and everything starting to wrap up, I've noticed that soon enough, I'll need to start with the goodbyes. I was talking with my Mom yesterday, and 'the end' just seemed too far away to start the goodbyes or start the packing... It's time to start. 

I've never been good at goodbyes, and in fact in the past I've pretty much avoided them. I'm down to about 6 weeks left in Kolky and goodbyes can't be avoided this time and I'd like to be more intentional than I've been in the past.

This is what I wrote in one of my first blog posts, the day before I left in September of 2010:

"In many ways, my reluctance [to say goodbye] is coming from the fact that saying goodbye seems abrupt and final. It really does solidify the fact that I am leaving, the distance and time I will be away from what is safe, and what I know.

Those of you who have known me longer know how emotional my goodbyes can be sometimes. For this experience, I have been more interested in the casual goodbye to the serious and complcated process of explaining to someone their worth and how the distance will be felt."

Some of the goodbyes that I will have in Kolky soon won't be so abrupt, but many will be final.  The next 6 weeks are going to be tough...really tough. Nothing I can do will prepare me for ultimately saying goodbye to this experience and the growth it has brought me, but being present and soaking it all in will allow me to leave knowing that I can carry this experience forward.

Below is my schedule the beginning of Summer, followed by some photos from the past couple of weeks. You can see that from the photos that even though my service may be winding down, it certainly isn't slowing down! 

June 19 - Official "Close of Service" date; gain the coveted title of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer 

June 20 - June 30 - Travel to Poland & Germany with 10 Students and 3 teachers from Kolky Lyceum to participate in our exchange program. 

July 1 - 2 - Final Days in Kolky

July 4 - Fly out of Kyiv to start 3 weeks of traveling 

July 23 - Land in Grand Junction

At a Seminar in Kolky for Teachers of Young Learners
We call this: "The Hokey Pokey"

"You put your head in..."

Reading a book about dinos...what else?!

Our school band welcoming us in to the 50th Anniversary of the Kolky Technical College

My Director giving his greetings to the Director of the Technical College

Volyn Choir and Dancers 

Go Cossack, go!
I hope to post some of the videos of the singing and dancing soon in a post!
My School Administration (Director ont he left was really happy, I promise!!!)
This photo makes me laugh

"Kolkivs'ka 50th Anniversary Vodka"

Shooting a beer commercial in L'viv!
Tommy is easily distracted by all the pretty Ukrainian ladies in L'viv

Atlee, however, is always camera ready! 

Americans playing frisbee in the park
(Pavlo, white t-shirt, is Ukrainian - but studied in the USA, so...semi-American?)

Look at that form! 

Then we made Ukrainian friends who wanted to play! 

Boom! Frisbee champ! 

Tommy was the frisbee all-star
Day 2 of Frisbee in L'viv but this time, only Tommy and Ben plus a bride and groom! 
My favorite train station in the whole world! 

Opening of the Honors Award Ceremony 

Some of my 11th Formers receiving the "Light of Ukraine" Award

3rd Graders are hard to capture when they are dancing
School Ensemble 

Teachers receiving awards! Mr. Benjamin (Bow Tie) and Anastasia (English teacher) to the right

Accolades and a flash drive from my Director and the Volyn State Parliamentarian Representative

All the teachers that had students who received awards in Oblast Olympiads or competitions

My students took a lot of photos

Sophie - 11th Form and Svetlana 10th Form
State Olympiad: 2nd place and 3rd place, respectively 
My clothes can finally dry outside!!!
(Except when the horse is munching on them...)

My bike is fixed. My garden (IceV!) is thriving!
Spring is grand! 
My last lesson with my 2nd Formers! 

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