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Monday, June 17, 2013

Final Daze in Kolky

This last month has flown, and I've just wrapped up some of my final days in Kolky. Of course, I'll return for 2 days/1 night with after I get back from Germany/Poland with a group from Kolky Lyceum which makes leaving this time a little easier. 

I've been embracing it, really. Enjoying my morning coffee on my porch, saying yes to every invitation for tea/picnic/late night High School bonfire in my garden. The last few weeks, I've been going to school, where the kids are having "School Camp" - which is pretty much government sponsored organized chaos. That's been fun to get some final days with the kids, and easier than me just peacing out while they are still having lessons. 

I've been taking lots of photos of pretty much everything, trying to capture all that I can, so here are some of the happenings from the past month or so -- check the captions for some explanations to a few. Pretty much they just show a lot of summer fun, Kolky love, and the wrapping up to the greatest experience of my life. 

Prayers are always appreciated as I have just arrived to Kyiv to close my service and start the whirlwind month of travelling before finally arriving to Grand Junction on July 23! 

With 2 of my Counterparts at Last Bell

My sash reads: Favorite Teacher

Some of the flowers I was given 

The parents waiting for the graduates to come out for the Graduation Parade! 

Here they come! 

Parading through town -- the band, then graduates, then teachers, then parents

Both of these teachers taught the graduates from the 1-4 forms. 

Roma's Dad addressing the graduates

Roma receiving his gold metal (valedictorian) 

...and the other gold medalist - Sophie!!! (Both were two of my favorites)

Surprise! Roma whipped out this little number without anyone knowing

Some of my kids sing an English song they wrote to all the English teachers. 

Graduation party! 

Morning at the bridge - waiting for the sunrise! 

Students on the road...parents below drinking. 

One last tour around Lutsk - the old German Lutheran Church (now, Baptist) 

Lutsk Castle

Those of us on the tour - Mark, far left, is the new American working in Kyiv

Surprise picnic with my favorites - 830 p.m. never looked so good! 


4 Course Sunday Dinner at Natalia's house

The teachers ensamble singing at the last Teachers Meeting

My present from the teachers - a Ukrainian doll, but it's a guardian to protect and keep me sa

Every thing is handmade, hand stitched, hand beaded by one of the teachers.

Another late night picnic/bonfire - 10:00 is still pretty bright! 

Best Ever.

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  1. Just found your blog, amazing. I just returned from Kiev/Kyiv for the ILP program teaching English volunteer for a year. I miss Ukraine so very much. Thank you for your amazing posts. Good luck with your return to the US.